Sunday 20 April 2014

Bank Career Hierarchy

PROBATION- Probationary Officer.
SCALE 1-        Assistant Manager.
SCALE 2-        Manager.
SCALE 3-        Senior Manager.
SCALE 4-        Chief Manager.
SCALE 5-        Assistant General Manager.
SCALE 6-        Deputy General Manager.
SCALE 7-        General Manager.
                         Chief Financial Officer.
                         Chief Executive Officer.


  • Normally, first 2 years is the probation period. 
  • After that he/she becomes Assistant Manager-Scale 1. 
  • Thereafter promotion takes place every 5 years till Scale 3. However Fast Track promotions are also possible if he/she passes the JAIIB and then CAIIB exams.
  • After Scale 3, promotions are based on MERIT.
  • After Scale 7 your posting is decided by the Central Government and not your bank. You will be posted to some other bank as CFO and CEO by the Central Government.


 These are exams conducted by Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. The Syllabus, Rules and Eligibility for the exams are given on the link below.





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