Tuesday 6 May 2014


During our casual talks with those Bank Job Aspirants the thing which came to our notice was that they lack what is being mentioned in the above title. We find that most of the bank aspirants want to be a banker just because their parents wants them to have a go at the bank exam. Or sometimes some of their friends might have enrolled for Bank Coaching, 'so why cant all the the friends go together and just chill out'. What finally happens is those who are serious in their studies get through and the rest of the lot will be addressed by the newcomers as well as by the faculty at the institute as 'Seniors'.There are even instances when the 'Seniors are classified as 2 year senior, 4 year senior and like wise. The question is do you want yourself to be called as a 'Senior'.

Well we hope the answer is a big No. The first thing you want is the 'Fire' within you, the desire to get a job. It should be you telling the world  "YES I WILL BECOME A BANKER" and not your parents telling you that you too can become a banker. For that the first thing one should have is ' a liking for the job and a desire to serve the public at large'. Yes indeed a Banker's job is a service to the society. For that you will definitely see many Eyes that thank you for the job you do even though they know that you are being paid to offer them service.

By no means is a bank job the easiest in the market if you have such a perception. A bank job is very demanding and hectic as you need to smile at the people you meet without taking into consideration whether the customer was hard at your ears or was soothing as a Melody. You may be forced to work till 8.00 or 9.00 in the evening. Then why is bank job the most wanted profession in India now. One of the main attraction is that every year in India atleat 50,000 'freshers, are being absorbed by the Banks. But do you know how many try their luck in bank exams, over 10,00,000. That is 5% of the Ten lakh 'aspirants' get a bank job or to make it simple only 5 out of 100 people who attend bank exams gets a job. This shows you need to be 'very very special' to become a banker.

So all you need is to become such a person is pure 'dedication', in what you do in order to be successful in a bank exam. You need to dedicate your energy, your time and most importantly your mind. The mantra is practice, practice and practice. Try to do as many questions 'both which are asked previously and those you can access through various Magazines, before attending a Bank Exam. Other thing is to have excellent rapport with all the people in your institute or locality who have the same 'Goal'. To be competitive in any exam we feel a group of people can do wonders when compared to a single person trying on his own. The advantage is that you can share Resources like book, ideas, and even short-cuts on how to solve a maths problem. Other thing each person can concentrate on a particular area. For instance a person good at English grammar can  be asked to share some light on finding grammatical errors. On the general awareness section questions are being asked from Banking and current affairs. So make it a practice to read newspapers every day. The trend seen now is that questions asked in General awareness section happens to be those events which occurred with a span of  3 to 4 months. For that matter Magazines like Banking & you for eg: provide a brief of what had  occurred in a months time.

Other important thing is knowledge of practical banking. You need to know what is happening daily in a bank, what are the type of transactions, which are the type of accounts etc.. etc... You need to also know what you are supposed to 'DO' as a Bank clerk/P.O.

So we urge you to visit retail bank branches, interact with the people working, and their try to know their duties, responsibilities and also about their career growth. We also would like you to do do various off branch transactions like On-line debit card payment, Internet banking, How to open a bank account, a Fixed deposit etc... these knowledge will definitely help during the coarse of your bank test and Interview as well, as questions like 'what are the different stages in a internet banking transaction' were asked during Interviews.

So we urge you to go out and  make comments on your experiences. We want you to comment on what are the different counters/departments in a Bank Branch, The number of staff, their duties, etc. You can even clarify your doubts regarding Banking, all you need is just ask the question in the comments section and We are here to serve you with all our hearts...

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