Wednesday 22 October 2014

How to calculate combined score of interview and written exam or to calculate your interview score from your combined score?

Combined Score is calculated using the following methodology:

Your written exam score out of 200 is converted to marks out of 100-

For example: If your written exam score is 80/200 then,
(80/200)*80= 32 out of 80

Similarly your interview score out of 100 is converted to marks out of 20-

For example: If your interview score is 70/100 then,
(70/100)*20= 14 out of 20

Now Combined Score = Written examination Score out of 80 + Interview Score out of 20

                                = 32+14= 46/100.


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  4. Thank you for making it clear! I think it's a bit stupid - to make such a complicated system. Why cn't they just come to simple method of measurement? I love the way is using. It's really cool and simple. No extra calculation,, no extra conversions.